Become importer of Vtech chiptuning

Vtech is one of Europes largest producers of tuning equipment. We are now searching for importer in Your country. If you have experience from tuning and want to become the owner of Vtech in your country, please contact us for details. As importer of Vtech you have access to high quality products, marketing resources and a team of skilled technicians to back you up.

  • Very favourable prices
  • State of the art online shop for your disposal - free. The site you are on is technically ready. Together with our importer we will set it up to be yours.
  • Quite simply the best importer program in the business
  • If you are able to handle sales and customer service we do the rest for you

Please contact us for details and give us a short description of yourself or your company: Send email


How to start and what it takes to get going?

Contact us and tell us what kind of experience you got from the tuning business. Then we will answer you and give details and terms. We can be up running in a very few days from initial contact.

If you become a reseller or importer of Vtech you don’t get access just to a product but a whole concept that ensures quality in all part of the chain from producer to end user. Including manuals, pictures and videos, marketing, chat system and state of the art online shop.

We got different partner programs that we offer. Reseller, importer and sole importer. For large and especially qualified partners we can offer sole importer ship that gives exclusive rights to sell Vtech in their country and set up resellers.


We offer a product series of one of the best tuning modules available. We only sell plugin tuning. In other words all of our products are delivered with original connectors that fit in the customers engine. As the only brand in the world we sell all products as remote controller-ready. This means that all tuning boxes are equipped with a remote receiver and can easily be upgraded to use a remote controller for turning on and off. And of course the customer can chose to buy with remote controller in the first place.

Manuals and videos

To sell tuning modules it’s very important to have good manuals and pictures to deliver along with the product. Every customer that buys a Vtech get a manual showing where in the engine to connect the product. And also a written manual with instructions and warranty details. On our online shops we also got a lot of videos that show the easy installation. Our importers and resellers got access to all these resources.

Online shop - your shop: the very best

We got one of the very best online shops available. You probably found us through one of them. We are highly skilled in internet marketing and building online shops that attracts customers. About 90% of our sales goes through our online shops. If you become an importer or reseller in your country we offer to set up an online shop for you. We require nothing except that you buy your products from us of course.

So if you are looking for a business opportunity and got some experience from diesel tuning or cars in general, please contact us and describe your business or yourself and explain why you should be the importer in your country -